Thursday, December 25, 2008

Breaking Up

Breaking Up; Romantic drama, USA, 1995; D: Robert Greenwald, S: Russell Crowe, Salma Hayek, Abraham Alvarez

Teacher Monica and photographer Steve are already 2 years in a romantic relationship, but both have the opinion it doesn't lead to nowhere so they break up. Months pass by and Steve feels lonely in his apartment so he calls Monica and invites her for dinner. That night they spend a passionate night together but again start an argument and break up. Next time, Monica calls him so they both again spend a night together. But Steve suddenly gets a panic attack and leaves the apartment. Still, when he finds out she has a boyfriend he proposes her out of jealousy. She accepts but at the wedding he is unable to say the destined "yes". They separate permanently and marry someone else.

Satirical drama "Breaking Up" was released in American cinemas not earlier than 1997, 2 years after it was completed, after actor Russell Crowe achieved a big success with movie "L.A. Confidential". Even though it has a few neat ideas, like black and white shots of the two protagonists, Monica and Steve, while they are separated and lonely, it's as a whole just a sufficient achievement. Director Robert Greenwald obviously wasn't that interested in the eclectic story about a couple that constantly breaks up only to make up again and again, whereas even the erotic scenes ended up anemic (Crowe and Salma Hayek are always cowered with a blanket so nothing can be seen anyway). Only a couple of clever dialogues sparkle here and there ("Maybe we desire what we don't want...") as well as the slightly contemplative message about the inability of a permanent relationship and it's suggestive that Monica and Steve are the only characters in the entire movie.


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