Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cherry, Harry & Raquel!

Cherry, Harry & Raquel!; erotic crime, USA, 1970; D: Russ Meyer, S: Charles Napier, Linda Ashton, Larissa Ely

Harry is a local sheriff with a busty girlfriend, Cherry, a nurse. He lives in a small town near the Mexican border. His boss, the bedridden Franklin, orders him to kill "Apache" because he interferes with their marijuana smuggling business. "Apache" survives the assassination attempt, and kills Franklin and Enrique, Harry's associate. He then has a shootout with Harry while Cherry and Raquel enjoy marijuana and hang out naked.

"Cherry, Harry & Raquel!" admittedly have a very confusing plot, but for Russ Meyer a story is supported here only insofar as to have a reason to show large breasts, either in a cleavage or nude. The crime tangle about some vague smuggler ring and a silver mine is half-hearted, but it wouldn't have been such a problem if the sole movie was at least more fun. The movie starts out with a fantastic opening text aimed against fanatic moral purists ("There are still those who concentrate their puny efforts in areas where no concern is needed. They call love evil...human body obscene...where they can never be anything other but beautiful"), but except for that, nothing else is fantastic anymore in the film (the beautiful actresses excluded), which is one long empty walk filled with random scenes. Still, at least one moment is an example of inspirational erotic, the one where a nude Cherry is buried in sand and Harry is slowly putting his hands in the sand, searching and digging out her breasts and legs. Likewise, Charles Napier here gave the most positive role as opposed to his others in the Meyer films, like the unbearable villain in "Supervixens".


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