Thursday, November 1, 2007

Scary Movie 3

Scary Movie 3; Parody, USA, 2003; D: David Zucker, S: Anna Faris, Simon Rex, Charlie Sheen, Leslie Nielsen, Jeremy Piven, Regina Hall, Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, Denise Richards, Queen Latifah

Two blond women are watching a mysterious, haunted tape and die a week later. Former priest Tom finds mysterious crop signs on his field. His brother George strives to become a Rap star even though he is White. Reporter Cindy tries to find out what's going on but her friend Brenda dies after seeing the tape. George becomes her lover. She examines the tape and discovers a tower and an old man in it who tells her that the tape shows the ghost of his evil daughter. Even aliens are afraid to see the tape so Cindy and George destroy the evil ghost.

Parody serial "Scary Movie" is 'garbage humor' entertainment in the full sense of the word that is served to the public that voluntarily goes to see those kind of movies in cinemas even though it knows in advance they aren't any good - but it gives their brains a rest. Any screenwriter with shame would simply either refuse to hand over such a lousy script for this kind of film or put some effort and at least deliver some improvements, but it seems the wish for fast profit was larger than artistic values or some homages to classic comedies. Still, the producers made a positive step after the awful "Scary Movie 2": they got rid of the unbearably vulgar Wayans brothers, yet director David Zucker also didn't manage too well since his golden days from great movies "Top Secret!" and "Airplane" are long gone. In the exposition there is a neat cameo role for Pamela Anderson, whose character gets a phone call from a spooky voice ("My Precious!" it says, mocking Smeagol) that turns out to be her mother. Yet the remaining gags are just for kids: for instance, in one scene Tom spots words in his crop field that say: "Attack here", while in another a mysterious circle in the cursed tape turns out to be just a toilet opening. Silly, at best, while Anna Faris' character from the previous films is just sloppily glued to the plot. Among the better comedians is Leslie Nielsen, who at least figuratively makes a connection to "Airplane".


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