Thursday, November 1, 2007

Scary Movie 2

Scary Movie 2; Horror parody, USA, 2001; D: Keenen Ivory Wayans, S: Anna Faris, Marlon Wayans, Christopher Masterson, Regina Hall, Shawn Wayans, Kathleen Robertson, David Cross, Tim Curry, Chris Elliott, Tori Spelling, James Woods

Some priests do an exorcisms on a girl in some castle. One year later, teenager Cindy and her friend Shorty have a difficult time at college. There professor Oldman and his friend Dwight send them to the infamous castle in order to investigate the ghost phenomenon. In castle, there are also other students, like Buddy, who is attracted by Cindy. In the middle of the night strange things start happening: a cat attacks Cindy, a giant marijuana wraps Shorty to smoke him, ghosts show up...The students discover they are disturbed by the ghost of the deceased owner Kane so Cindy captures him in an electric trap.

"Scary Movie 2", the more profane sequel of the already profane original, is a truly amateurish, sloppy and dumb made nonsense with very little really funny scenes, and too many crude ones that are just there to make rustic teenagers giggle and cause at least some kind of a reaction of the viewers. The only good thing of this carbon of comedy is the satirical exposition that mocks "The Exorcist" - in it, a hilarious James Woods plays a priest who is exorcising a demon from a girl who at one moment of madness says: "Take me! Take me!", which he then really does! Woods scene in the toilet is equally funny. Besides that, here and there some solid gag pops up, like the one where a bus runs over students while at the back of the vehicle there's a sign that says: "How do I drive? Call 1-800 Kiss My Ass", but the majority is pure ephemera, from a parrot that massively swears in a high pitch voice up to the irritating gags that revolve around the expense of a small, disfigured hand of the caretaker Hanson (Chris Elliott) who touches food and ruins it. The story and the structure and completely misguided, by the way "spoofing" a mass of famous films completely arbitrarily and in banal a way ("What Lies Beneath", "Charlie's Angels", "It"...), but the crew, from Tori Spelling up to Regina Hall, somehow have their fun because they assume they are making a film that's "hip" and honors the young generation with a monument of stupidity.


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