Monday, April 27, 2009

The Fly

A Légy; Animated short, Hungary, 1980; D: Ferenc Rófusz

A fly flies though the forest. It buzzes and goes from a tree to tree. Until it becomes bored and flies off to a house and enters through the window. It wonders from room to room until the landlord gets irritated and starts chasing it, eventually squashing it and putting it in an stuffed insect collection.

Winner of the Oscar for best animated short film, Ferenc Rofusz's "The Fly" is a simple, funny, playful and refreshingly direct achievement. Even though some critics went on to analyze it in an symbolical, allegorical, political and even sociological context, in reality it's simply a 3 minute film that doesn't intend to say anything more than to execute the plot about how the world is seen from the fly's perspective - it's as simple as that. And it's quite fun, filmed with a fish eye lens and shown entirely from the perspective of the flying insect who flies into a house and annoys someone with it's obnoxious buzzing. Extremely detailed in design and animation, with a sly charm and a humorous ambiance, this is a completely relaxed flick where the authors seemed to have a blast while making it.


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