Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Teleport Zovko

Teleport Zovko; science-fiction comedy short, Croatia, 2013; D: Predrag Ličina, S: Linda Begonja, Krešimir Mikić, Bojan Navojec, Ana Stunić

In 2048, the teleportation services are finally available in Croatia. A husband and wife, together with their two children, thus arrive at the premises of the "Zovko Teleport" in order to try out their services, but are disappointed that they cannot go to Vis because there is still no installation at that island. They thus decide to go to Dubrovnik, instead, but are informed that the nearest teleport installation is at Čepikuće, and they will have to travel 30 km by foot to Dubrovnik. Also, they have to be teleported naked, but when the mother accidentally leaves her metal cross around her neck, the installation makes an error and teleports her to Međugorje in '81, where the kids mistake her for the Holy Mary.

Excellent science-fiction comedy short "Zovko Teleport" is a refreshing departure from the grey 'social drama' genre in Croatian cinema, using its futuristic setting as a clever commentary on the mentality of Croatia and the Balkan area in general: even though the technology is making huge progress, some sleazy deceits and dishonest frauds remain always the same (for instance, the family believes the commercial add that they can get teleported anywhere, only for the secretary to explain to them that they cannot go to Vis because there are still no installations on that island yet). It also seems to be a satirical jab at Croatia's prolonged accession into the EU, actual at that time (the family discovers that they can only be teleported while naked, because Croatia is still not a member of the International Teleport Network, with the technician going: "We still need to wait for another seven years! But Serbia will probably never enter!"), as well as some trends in society (such as the Yuan is the acceptable currency). The movie is only 17 minutes long, but it conquers thanks to some delicious dialogues (when the father spots the teleportation devices, he compares their "cheap look" with some "contemporary art"), great actors, an inspired premise as well as a grand comical ending that spoofs the Međugorje apparition, Predrag Licina's "Zovko Teleport" is a story that was clearly assembled beforehand to work faultlessly from start to finish.


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