Thursday, April 30, 2009

Käpt'n Blaubär - The Movie

Käpt'n Blaubär - Der Film; Animated comedy, Germany, 1999; D: Hayo Freitag, S: Wolfgang Völz, Helge Schneider, Sabine Bohlmann

Captain Bluebear talks about his adventures to his three grandchildren every day, among them also about the battle with the evil Dr. Feinfinger. The grandchildren think those are all fairy tales and that their grandfather has a too vivid imagination. But one night Dr. Feinfinger really shows up and kidnaps the grandchildren, brings them to his hideout and wants to make his heirs out of them. Bluebear and his sailor Hein sets on a ship to find them, but when the wave dwarfs attack, he lands in a volcano. There the eruption catapults him to Dr. Feinfinger who is defeated by demonstrators, so the grandchildren are freed.

"Captain Bluebear" is a neat animated children's film that earned a solid amount of money at the German box office. The satirical moments are top notch in the scenes where a pirate has a hook instead of a fingernail or Dr. Feinfinger whose school dissertation was a 'world conquering machine' or when he stops the uprising of the wave-dwarfs by threatening to have them fired. It is a matter of a rather clever and bright little flick, but director Hayo Freitag has a too pale, conventional direction without deeper ambitions whereas the best jokes went to the bad guy, not to the hero. Another mistake are the uninteresting end and at times too ephemera characters. Yet, in the framework in which it operates, it made the best from the harmless fun, while all the necessary flaws don't bother too much. Among others, the voice actors are great, especially Sabine Bohlmann as the Pink bear.


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