Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vampire's Kiss

Vampire's Kiss; black comedy, USA, 1988; D: Robert Bierman, S: Nicolas Cage, Maria Conchita Alonso, Jennifer Beals, Elizabeth Ashley

New York. Peter is a burned out businessman who often goes for a psychotherapy. During a one night stand, a woman, Rachel, bites him on his neck while they are in bed. From there on, Peter starts acting even weirder than before, often harassing his secretary Alva for failing to find a precious contract in his office. Finally, Peter concludes that he is turning into a vampire: he buys fake fangs, eats a pigeon and drinks blood from a woman's neck. Alva's brother stabs him in his apartment for harassing his sister.

Some have attributed the resentment of the audience and the critics towards Robert Bierman's black comedy "Vampire's Kiss" to be a result of not understanding the twist ending that unusually twists the horror rules - unlike some horrors where it is not clear if the hero is crazy or just a misunderstood individual who is faced with a terrible monster/threat but nobody believes him, until the ending reveals that he was actually right, much to the viewers "relief", here it is vice-versa, since the viewers believed into the hero's POV, Peter's persuasion that he is slowly turning into a vampire, but in the end became "suckers" because he truly turns out to be just a demented madman and nothing else - yet there are many more problems with it, since the movie simply has too little laughs. Nicolas Cage gives a dedicated performance as the increasingly insane Peter, but hardly any actor can save an underdeveloped, overlong mess of a story, including such bizarre scenes as the one where Cage eats a living cockroach (!), all adding up to a huge lack of cohesive sense, though a few unusual jokes do ignite here and there, like when Peter is chasing a pigeon or the increasingly hilarious subplot where the secretary, Alva, fails to find an important file in the register while he gives her insults which are getting more and more over-the-top with each passing day, until culminating in an insane duel.


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