Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bridget Jones's Baby

Bridget Jones's Baby; romantic comedy, UK / USA, 2016; D: Sharon Maguire, S: Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Patrick Dempsey, Jim Broadbent, Gemma Jones, Emma Thompson

London. Bridget Jones, working as a reporter for Hard News programme, is annoyed that she is still single at 43, but settles with her lonely fate. However, her fate changes when she meets Jack and has a one-night stand with him in a tent during a concert. A few weeks later, she meets her ex-boyfriend Mark Darcy and has sex with him after he tells her he is in the middle of a divorce. Bridget is shocked when she finds out she is pregnant, since she is unsure who of the two is the father. Jack and Mark try to cooperate until they find the results. Bridget gives birth and finds out she loves Mark. The two get married a year later.

After the terrible sequel, "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason", many feared that a 3rd part of the "Bridget Jones" film series, made 12 years later, would be a disaster. However, thanks to the return of the original crew, director Sharon Maguire and writer Helen Fielding, as well as an co-screenwriting intervention by Emma Thompson, the quality of "Bridget Jones's Baby" was revised upwards, overturning the trend and delivering a truly worthy follow-up to the excellent 1st film, whereas Thompson even managed to secure herself with a gem of a supporting role as Dr. Rawling. Part 3 delivers refreshing examples of wit, enchanting emotions and charm: while the opening act pokes fun at the heroine's age ("You are so old you have become a MILF." - "No, I'm not even a mother. I'm a spinster. I'm a SPILF"; during Jones's birthday party in the office, one woman complains that the cake is "too hot" from too many candles on it), it later turns out remarkably pleasant and optimistic - showing that Jones's autumn years could still turn into her new spring years is touching, and gives a worthy conclusion to her storyline. The plot concept where a heroine is not sure who of the two men is the father of her baby has already been done a hundred times, whereas it was also unoriginal to insert a few clips from the 1st film, yet "Bridget Jones's Baby" compensates thanks to wonderful, sympathetic characters, an unrelenting array of jokes - one of the best is the subtle gag in the Italian restaurant when Jones finally tells both Mark and Jack that she is unsure with whom she is pregnant with, which causes the bartender to "discretely" turn his back away from them - and Renee Zellweger who makes a spectacular comeback to top-notch shape as the lovable title heroine, who is precisely so sweet because she is so clumsy and imperfect. The viewers should simply skip the 2nd film, and instead just watch this 3rd edition, which is the 'true' sequel to the spirit of "Bridget Jones".


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