Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's the Rage

It's the Rage; Drama, USA, 1999; D: James D. Stern, S: Jeff Daniels, David Schwimmer, Andre Braugher, Robert Forster, Joan Allen, Josh Brolin, Anna Paquin, Giovanni Ribisi, Gary Sinise, January Jones

In the middle of the night, Helen is woken up by gun shots. She finds out that her husband Warren killed his business partner Justin whom he mistakenly took for a burglar. She leaves him and finds a job at the mad computer tycoon Morgan whose company is slowly going bankrupt. Lawyer Tim is defending Warren and is having an affair with the absent-minded blond Annabel who steals and threatens. Tim's gay lover Chris doesn't like that. Tim accidentally kills the nervous Annabel while her brother kills a video store clerk because he suspected he was the perpetrator. Due to jealousy, Chris kills Tim. The rich Morgan goes broke, but manages to gain money again. Warren lands in prison, Helen leaves the country.

Unusual drama "All that Rage" knits a collage of stories mirroring the fate of 10 characters which are united by one common feature - possessing a gun, which ends in tragedy for them. The opening shots are quite impressive, with the opening credits getting spelled out while letters from the newspapers are placed in the background, with a few humorous moments such as a drawn gun on a dollar bill. Director James D. Stern has style which keeps the storyline alive and ticking despite some tiresome subplots. David Schwimmer has an unusual but role as the gay lover, while Anna Paquin, on the other hand, received the worst role, the one of the irritating, mentally unstable Annabel, though she still gives it her best. Most of the characters never meet, yet the theme of violence in society has some poignant moments.


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