Sunday, September 20, 2009

Otto - The Outer-Frisian

Otto – Der Außerfriesische; Comedy, Germany, 1989; D: Marijan Vajda, Otto Waalkes, S: Otto Waalkes, Barbara May, Volkmar Kleinert

The blond Otto lives in a lighthouse in north Germany. He takes money from tourists and a local millionaire by selling cheap souvenirs and here and there brings milk to a kindergarten. There he is in love with the teacher. But his region, East Frisia, is threatened by the evil multi-corporations because the rich boss wants to build a rocket route there. Otto, disguised as a waiter, reveals their plan and goes to Florida to ask help from his brother called Benno, who saves everything and returns to Germany. Otto gains the heart of the teacher.

The 3rd film from the mega popular five part "Otto" movie series already started to decay by showing more flaws than virtues, going hand-in-hand with the critics who characterized the series as getting worse with every new sequel. The screenplays and star Otto Waalkes didn't manage to accumulate enough good jokes which is why the film is quite overstretched and unfunny. Still, some of the best gags are still amusing - for instance, two computers are advising a sheep dog on a meadow how to catch sheep or the one with the slogan of the greedy company: "The Earth was just lend to us...but nobody said anything about giving it back". The rest of the humor is rather silly, pale and too much centered around German culture to find universal appeal, which is why two guest appearances are welcomed: the one of tennis star Steffi Graf and comedian Loriot ("Ödipussi") in the scene where all the fans go to him, and not to Otto.


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