Saturday, September 19, 2009

Otto - The New Movie

Otto - Der neue Film; Comedy, Germany, 1987; D: Xaver Schwarzenberger, Otto Waalkes, S: Otto Waalkes, Ute Sander, Anja Jaenicke

The metropolis is plaguing Otto since he has more and more debts. He takes on two jobs: one is removing garbage from the home of a Nazi grandpa and his "German" dog and the other one is replacing a famous professor and watch his cat that wants to commit suicide. In order to impress the nearby neighbor Gaby, Otto introduces himself as the professor and ignores the housemaid Anna who is in love with him. When the real professor returns, he gets overwhelmed by the little kittens of his cat she had with a dog. Otto goes with Gaby to the premiere of an action film where she leaves him for the star of the film. Otto finds Anna in his apartment, with make up, and falls in love with her.

Film no. 2 in the five-part movie serial "Otto" doesn't offer any kind of improvement or further development of style, but it's still fun. The biggest complaint, besides a few flat jokes, is that all supporting characters from the first film (including the charming Jessika Cardinahl) were simply dropped for this story, while their replacement isn't first class. The story is again too artificial and assembled out of vaguely connected vignettes and sketches. However, Otto Waalkes still has childish energy and fresh inspiration, from the jokes that mock the boring TV programme ("What am I not paying the TV bill for?") up to spoofing a nationalist grandpa who has a lighter shaped like a grenade.


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