Friday, July 27, 2012

Survival Island

Survival Island/ Three; adventure-thriller, USA, 2006; D: Stewart Raffill, S: Kelly Brook, Billy Zane, Juan Pablo Di Pace

A rich couple, Jack and Jennifer, board a yacht in order to cruise along the Caribbean. Among the board is waiter Manuel, whose angry ex-girlfriend uses voodoo to sink the ship. Only Manuel, Jennifer and Jack survive and find sanctuary on an isolated island, where they survive by eating lobsters and fish. However, Jack's jealousy causes an argument with Manuel, which even escalates into his death. Jennifer is saved by a ship and leaves her selfish Jack alone.

Praise and critical acclaim did not find their way to this patchwork between a syrupy 'Robinson Crusoe' and a cliched love triangle where arguments and escalating actions between two men happen without any reason or apparent cause for the viewers, yet among the obscure film buffs "Survival Island" is still remembered for three erotic topless scenes involving Kelly Brook, who is the only good ingredient that somehow got lost in this garbage. Dry dialogues, blatant events, tiresome 'survival' repertoire and conventional execution adorn this simplistic nonsense, which is definitely sunk by an insanely disastrous subplot where an angry ex-girlfriend uses voodoo and cuts the throat of a chicken in order to 'cast a spell' on one of the protagonists in order to strand him on an island. Except for Brook, nobody else managed to somehow enrich the flick, yet in its defence, there is hardly a great film in existence revolving around people stranded on an island, anyway.


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