Thursday, January 12, 2012


Infested/ Ticks; horror, USA, 1993; D: Tony Randel, S: Seth Green, Rosalind Allen, Ami Dolenz, Virginya Keehne

A couple of antisocial teenagers are brought with a bus to a forest, for camping, since the organizers Holly and Charles hope the nature will help them bring their life in balance. That is actually going to happen, yet in a very extreme way when the group encounters fist sized ticks that mutated from a nearby steroid factory. When a fire causes all the ticks to flock to the cabin, shy teenager Tyler saves the day by bringing the bus to the cabin in order to evacuate everyone.

After the big screens saw giant spiders, ants and wasps, horror specialist Tony Randel decided it is time to put fist sized ticks in the spotlight, yet his independent cult flick "Infested" - also known as "Ticks" - is just a sufficient movie, even though it is at least a 'guilty pleasure'. The opening shots announce at first a much better film than it eventually turned out to be, since Randel slowly creates a creepy mood thanks only to the camera slowly panning around a factory at night that drops chemicals on something unknown on the ground, whereas Seth Green is also refreshing as the shy teenager with glasses, Tyler, who meets other opulent characters in a forest camp, but the movie starts depleting its plus points inevitably when it starts to reach for cheap, slimy effects (i.e. a giant tick bursts out of a dead man's body, splitting it in half) which are aimed more towards disgust than elevated-sophisticated scare. The finale with the protagonists getting surrounded by ticks in the cabin turns into trash, which is further emphasized by the ending that does not circle out the human characters but instead just abruptly returns to ticks, yet an occasional touch of humor give the story solid charm.


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