Sunday, October 4, 2009


Legend; Fantasy, UK/ USA, 1985; D: Ridley Scott, S: Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, Tim Curry, Alice Playten, David Bennent

In some land of fairy tales, the evil Lord of Darkness with horns wants to rule the world but he has to kill the last two Unicorns so that the Sun wont rise again. His trolls hit one Unicorn with an arrow just when Princess Lili wanted to stroke the animal: immediately, snow starts to fall and the kingdom turns into an ice trap. Lili is sad and her friend Jack promises to help. The trolls also kidnap the last Unicorn and Lili, whereas Lord of the Darkness falls in love with her. Jack and his three dwarf friends and a fairy enter into his castle. Lili seduces the Lord and frees the Unicorn while Jack uses metal shields to direct a Sun beam that illuminates the Lord who dies. The snow melts.

Utopian fantasy with idyllic images of nature and gentle positive friends is a rather good film, appropriately fairy tallish and dreamy. Ridley Scott connects the world with the inner feelings of the two heroes, which is why when they are unhappy snow starts to fall, and there are also beautiful Unicorns presents in the story, a symbol for innocence and lost dreams, which also appeared in Scott's "Blade Runner - the Director' Cut" in Deckard's dream, hinting a secret towards him. Wonderfully aesthetic, with great set design and make up (that was nominated for an Oscar and a BAFTA), it's hard to comprehend why some critics hated "Legend" so much during its release. Today, the film has a cult following and sparkles with 80s flair - it's an opulent flick, but too simple to have any deeper meaning whereas some amusing dwarfs are much more interesting than the too serious Tom Cruise's character - for instance, the fairy promises to rescue him only if he kisses her! Such neat details craft the story, which is so allegorical and unique that it became a story for itself.


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