Thursday, May 21, 2009

Strange Invaders

Strange Invaders; Science-fiction satire, USA, 1983; D: Michael Laughlin, S: Paul Le Mat, Nancy Allen, Louise Fletcher, Diana Scarwid, Michael Lerner, Wallace Shawn

In the 50s, a spaceship lands in the US city of Centerville and the aliens take the identities of the inhabitants. In 1983, professor Bigelow goes to Centerville to find his ex wife there who apparently went to visit her relatives. First his dog disappears, then aliens show their real faces and chase his away. Terrified, Bigelow discovers that even his own wife is an alien, so he goes with a reporter again to the town to save his daughter. They manage and leave.

Bizarre, unusual sci-fi adventure "Strange Invaders" are an example of a open idolisation of the sci-fi films from the 50s and 60s who sent some hidden messages in the concept about aliens, except that they too after a certain amount of time also scud more and more into uncertainty. The basic plot is set up in a good way, not relaying only on special effects - if the make up is excluded - and some dry jokes, but as a whole this film isn't anything extraordinary. The aliens are only described as curious beings who, it seems, themselves don't know why they are waisting time by staying in a small US provincial city, and whom just come and go. The characters of the professor and the reporter, in calm interpretation by Paul Le Mat and Nancy Allen, are equal to the characterization of shoes who are just there to move and transport the plot from point A to point B. All up until the happy end, this is a inextricable, but undoubtedly solid cult film.


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