Saturday, January 24, 2009


Disclosure; Thriller, USA, 1994; D: Barry Levinson, S: Michael Douglas, Demi Moore, Donald Sutherland, Caroline Goodall, Dylan Baker

Tom Sanders, a quiet family man who had many girlfriends, is looking forward to one day because he expects a promotion to vice president in his company Digicom. But when he enters his office, he notices that the promotion was already given to his ex Meredith. One evening, when she seduces and almost forces him to have intercourse with her, Tom leaves his office because he wants to stay faithful to his wife. The next day Meredith accuses him of sexual harassment, but he hires lawyer Alvarez and sues her, winning the case. The angry Meredith erases all his data on his project, but Tom manages to explain everything during the presentation, which is why she gets fired.

Unnoticed (erotic) thriller "Disclosure", based on Michael Crichton's novel with the same title, presents an unusual situation that switches the standard roles - the one where a woman sexually harassed an Innocent man and then even accused him - but it's much more preoccupied with the portrait of an abuse of power. Michael Douglas is good as Tom, the victim of his female boss (also good Demi Moore), while formally no complaints can be directed towards the film (excellent cinematography) except that the story is poorly exploited and full of cliches: rather unconvincing is the finale in the courtroom where Tom suddenly discovers that during the sexual harassment his cell phone was turned on the whole time, so that he can even get the chance to discover the tape of their recorded conversation! Nothing in the film manages to lift it up above a solid achievement, but the best scene is truly dramatic and gripping: Tom is verbally attacked by his colleague who is angry because their whole job is jeopardized after the scandal, but his wife stands automatically in his defense - even though she doesn't know what the charges are.


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