Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Everything Happens to Me

Chissa perche... Capitano tutte a me; science-fiction comedy, Italy, 1980; D: Michele Lupo, S: Bud Spencer, Cary Guffey, Robert Hundar

After the chaotic events, Sheriff Hall travels with the alien kid H7-25 across the country in order to hide his extraterrestrial identity. He finally finds a new place where he can apply for the Sheriff, in the small town of Munroe, where crooks reign. Hall quickly established law and order there, but a bigger challenge awaits him: hostile aliens took over a nearby military base and produce androids in order to take over the world. After they kidnap H7-25, who discovered them, Hall goes into their base, pretending to be brainwashed by their mind control machine, and there beats up the machines, including the alien boss.

A quick sequel to Bud Spencer's SF comedy hit "The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid", "Everything happens to Me" feels like one of those hastily assembled follow ups where not much effort was invested into actually conjuring up an interesting story that would justify the continuation of the 1st film, except that even the original was little more than a harmless guilty pleasure. This sequel is equally as harmless, with cartoonish fist fights typical for Spencer's films, yet also unfortunately bland, thin and uneventful - it is notable how little it has to offer, and how even the best jokes barely ignite a lukewarm smirk (in one instance, Hall scolds the alien kid H7-25 because his gadget that can do wonders could expose them. H7-25 uses the gadget and makes a plate full of pork chops appear on the table, and Hall scolds him once again, ordering him to "return everything to its original state", upon which the kid uses the device to turn the pork chops into a live pig, i.e. its "original state"). Not much is bad in the film, but not much is good, either. If anything, the music by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis has a great melody in the finale, when the Sheriff is walking alone in through the city, and the amusing, long awaited fist fight between Spencer, who pretends he has been brainwashed to enter the base, and robot humanoid aliens, has some 'guilty pleasure' charm.


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