Monday, August 9, 2010


Metro; Action, USA, 1997; D: Thomas Carter, S: Eddie Murphy, Michael Rapaport, Carmen Ejogo, Michael Wincott

Scott Roper is a top-notch hostage negotiator from "Metro", a police department of San Francisco. He gets a new partner, Kevin, whom he perceives as a burden in his work, since his previous partner and friend was killed by criminal Korda. In a dangerous action Roper finally captures Korda and puts him behind bars. However, Korda escapes and kidnaps Roper's girlfriend in an act of revenge, threatening to kill her at a construction site. Roper falls into a trap, but manages to escape while Korda dies.

1996 was a crucial year for Eddie Murphy's career, though luckily he managed to regain his appeal and make a comeback with his hit comedy "The Nutty Professor". His next appearance was unfortunately in a typical "safe" commercial project, in the weak, trashy action film "Metro" that grossed only modestly at the box office. "Metro" is basically "Beverly Hills Cop" without the humor - it's a too serious flick where the brilliant Murphy again relies on fast talking and an occasional funny moment, which has its moments, yet the whole film relies more on dumbing violence, a story that takes itself too seriously and copying of old ideas seen in previous films. Especially in the wasted second half, "Metro" is suitable only for Murphy fans.


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