Friday, July 18, 2008

Point Blank

Point Blank; Thriller, USA, 1967; D: John Boorman, S: Lee Marvin, Angie Dickinson, Keenan Wynn, Carroll O'Connor, John Vernon, Sharon Acker

Walker decided to help friend Mal Reeves in a robbery. But, after Reeves took 93.000 $, he shot Walker and ran away with his girlfriend Lynne. Thirsty for revenge, Walker escapes from Alcatraz prison and goes to San Francisco. There he storms into Lynne's apartment and kills her. He quickly finds Reeves who works in an influential company. Walker storms into the building by sending sister Chris to seduce him, thus killing him. But, in order to get his 93.000 $, he continues with his killing spree and goes after Revee's boss Carter and then after his boss Webster.

The first film by unusual director John Boorman ("Excalibur") was the noticed and acclaimed thriller "Point Blank" that was perceived by many as too vicious for the 1960's. Simple, straight forward story about the revenge of the criminal Walker (Lee Marvin) served as a good background for some stylish exercises and dynamic rhythm, but as a whole it doesn't seem so suspenseful anymore since much more brutal films have been made in the meantime. Marvin is excellent in the leading role of the antihero who, after killing his traitor (a drastic scene in which he throws him from a skyscraper naked) goes after his boss, and then even after hiss boss, which makes this story less cliche and much more unpredictable and prolonged. Eventual flaws (the too easy way with which Walker storms in into the highly protected buildings) were still overshadowed by some powerful moments, like the one where Lynne is sitting with Walker and answers the questions he isn't even posing.


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