Saturday, November 6, 2010

Video V. Poetry: Inhale

Video V. Poezija: Udah; Short, Serbia, 2010; D: Natalija Ž. Živković, S: Slavica Marković, Slobodan Aleksić

A girl, dressed in a white robe and wearing a wreath on her head, walks through a city with a basket full of letters. The narrator speaks about the meaning of words and its effects on everyday life. The girl is suddenly in a forest. She is back in the city and helps "unglue" a man from the wall. Then, the man finds himself in the forest and smiles.

This 5 minute short film shows an inventive way how modern poets attract an audience by converting their written poems into visual poems. It's video poetry that stimulates the intuitive side of our brain and in doing so it fulfils the criteria for quality in both art forms, movie and poem. The image of a girl in white robe walking through a city might be a symbol for the beauty of simple nature that was forgotten by the modern people, who thus feel an emptiness in their life. The girl is there to let people inhale the positive and exhale the negative side of life. "And I feel fulfilled. As if I'm telling words full of air. As if I'm reciting a very important song...And I feel...healthy.", goes one nice sentence of the narrator. "People are grey. The real images are in the forest. But our convulsive hearts see them rarely.", says the other, wherein director and author of the poem Natalija Z. Zivkovic nicely shows the free spirit at the end.


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